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We provide uniformed patrol services for companies with armed uniformed security guards, off duty police officers, loss prevention officers, K9 officers & mobile patrol guards.



Security Services Baltimore, Annapolis and Frederick.

Police Protection Services, LLC offers a wide variety of security services to provide solutions to potential problems in public places. We offer armed security guards who are also off-duty policemen. Only highly trained personnel are employed by Police Protection Services for your security service requirements. We cater to businesses, government, private citizens from all walks of life. We are here to serve. Call Chris for a free assessment and quote. (410) 977-1510

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TESTIMONIAL: My clients recently had the chance of working with this company a month ago, and my client was very pleased with the results and professionalism that they provided… The owner of this company provided my clients with everything that they ask for.

They provided the Executive protection that we were looking for and the training of their officers and how they can handle the General public was unbelievable. The unmarked and marked vehicles reminded me of a private military convoy team.

They have a lot of retired police officers working for them, but what impress my client was that they had this team of former military personnel looking professional and sharp.

This company is worth every penny.

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